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We understand that the broker you decide to list your home with is a business decision. Real Estate is a high frequency asset class that has a considerable amount of ones net worth. Listing with us, you will receive access to the most comprehensive database of high-net-worth individuals. Actual market data is inherently volatile, so we take a practical approach and normalize the data to provide a time targeted market value. In doing so, we provide a comparative market analysis coupled with artificial intelligence valuation to define the correct list price and the highest most probable sold price.

The estates division, King Global Estates represents properties at the top 1% of the market. Listing with us in the ultra luxury realm, we provide certainty by normalizing the data to give guidance on the value by comparative market analysis and artificial intelligence valuation of estates that sold privately and publicly. It is of upmost importance to understand this thinner space and have the access to know the few individuals that are active. We have partnerships in place with auction platforms, so if a client has a desired time limitation we collaborate with the top level auction houses

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